What is this all about?

Hello my devops monsters, with this blog I aim at spreading best devops practices in the IT industry. I am a learner and a teacher. In this blog, i will try to write all my experiences that I gain while working as a devops engineer.

On a short note, this blog will also act as reference material for me. We devops engineers deal with so many technologies that it is very natural to forget the stuff which you have learned last year to accomplish some goal in your job and have not touched the technology for a year now.

While building my archive of knowledge, if others also get benefit out of this, I will consider that returning to the community. Let’s begin this journey.Following Quote tells about mt state of mind regarding devops.

“Things always had to be in a production-ready state: if you wrote it, you darn well had to be there to get it running!”

Mike Miler

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